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How would you evaluate your current thought life or mindset? 

Check out the MXP Matrix and discover if your thoughts are actually working for you or against you.

Cultivating A MINDSET THAT IS All-in and Process Driven

is the combination that will unlock your true potential.

It’s simple, but not easy. And this is a program designed to give you the tools to do it! 

Hear What Others Are Saying

and be inspired by their pursuits. 

Founder, This Week in Health IT

Mother, Wife, Community Leader

Professional Volleyball Player

I wake up inspired to push my personal and our collective boundaries so that  together we discover just how far we can really go.

Why do you think we compelled by underdog stories?  

Could it be because we identify with the character that, against all odds, overcomes and reaches heights only they dreamed of? 

Could those stories give us hope deep down that we too could overcome the odds we face and reach for the podium in our own world?

What do those stories have in common? Is there a common denominator in each of them that could point to something actionable to be adopted?

In 2005, newly minted Men’s National Team head coach Hugh McCutcheon canceled practice for two days and told the players to meet in a conference room at the Anaheim Hilton Hotel.  

The objective, he said, was to circle up, and have a conversation surrounding our goals, aspirations, acknowledging our teams unique abilities and develop a plan for the future. 

Everyone thought he was crazy … 

 little did they know, he was about to lead them through a process that would lead to Olympic Gold.

What took place next was nothing short of something you'd see in a Hollywood film. 

A band of aspiring athletes would go from worldwide obscurity to becoming the best team in the world in less than 4 years! 

There wasn’t anything special about them. Nothing that would indicate that potential outcome. 

No upper hand, no lucky breaks, no privilege . . . an average group by comparative standards that would go on to become a collective force that would go undefeated in the 2008 Olympic Games and win the ultimate prize, an Olympic Gold Medal. 

My name is Reid Priddy

and I was one of those athletes 

in the room in 2005
and then again on the court in 2008. 

The transformation that took place was extraordinary . . .

not just for me, but for our entire roster. 

Winning a Gold medal was amazing, 
but that was not what was life changing. 

It was learning how “process” could shape a group of typical national players into a surprising, unstoppable unit.  

Utilizing “process” as a tool was a gift, one that could serve us, our future teams, our families and our communities for the rest of our lives. 

Having experienced the value of process, I spent the next 12 years of my professional career studying, testing, and experiencing first hand various processes trying to better understand how to build a winning environment and develop a winning mindset. 

The MXP Process is the culmination of 20 years of professional experience and learning of how to get the most out of ourselves and those around us in pursuit of our “big thing” - distilled into an actionable, simple (but challenging) process that can, and is, being applied to different domains across many industries and facets of life.

It’s simple, it’s actionable and now it’s accessible to you.

The MXP PROCESS is a complete roadmap that helps you discover, mine, shape and live out your full potential. 

Want to see just how far you can go? 
Me, too!

What is

 Do you have a dream? 

 Do you have pent up potential that is screaming to come out? 

 What is holding you back from realizing those capabilities? 

 Is it lack of time, energy, money? 

 Is it motivation? Is it lack of a partner or team?

 If your journey ended today, would you be satisfied?


A process that will teach you how to practice in a way that leads to optimal growth and development! 

The Max Potential Process is the system I developed that will teach you how to get the absolute most out of yourself in your current pursuit.  It teaches you how to build systems that enable you to operate at your full potential under pressure, in any circumstances, and find success in your "game".

The Max Potential Process is available now for anyone, at any age, at any level, to level up and position themselves to learn the science behind reaching your full potential. 

Inside the Max Potential Process, you will get all the tools you'll need to get out of your own way and transform your mindset from one that expects and gets mediocre results, to one that expects to win and engineers the way to get there - against all odds, in any circumstance.

here is what you're going to learn Inside The MaX Potential Process...

MODULE 1: How to stop getting in your own way

The number #1 stumbling block for most of us is actually self imposed limitations. Or in other words, simply getting in our own way. 

The downward spiral starts with an idea or fear that you're going to get a negative outcome like losing, underperforming or disappointing your coach and teammates. 

And before you know it, those thoughts lead you to create subconscious actions and patterns that actually manifest the 
negative results you wanted to avoid.  Thought becomes actions and actions determine results. In this module, I'm going to teach you how to self identify when you're getting in your own way and how to shift your mindset so your subconscious can begin to work for you and not against you.

MODULE 2: Develop Your Winning Philosophy

Have you ever wondered how the greats like Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Tom Brady and Kobe Bryant were able to consistently, time after time bring their teams back from near defeat and win when it counted? 

Their success came from having a philosophy about winning that set the stage for how they did everything; from their nutrition to how they trained to how they sought out knowledge from mentors ahead of them. 
Talent alone isn't enough. And if you're like me, where you make up for talent with grit and determination, you can position yourself to win like the greats.

In this module, I'm going to teach you about developing your own winning philosophy that will empower you to begin taking actions that lead to winning.

MODULE 3: Installing The 3 Core Beliefs

Improving any aspect of your life and game is like installing a new program or app on your computer or device.

The program or app you choose, dictates how you use it.

Whether you're aware of it or not, you currently have a set of core beliefs, or 'program' that is running in the background that dictates how you operate and how you perform.

It is what decides how you will react when you're in difficult 
situations and what choices you'll make that determine if you'll even accomplish your goals. 

If your core belief isn't aligned with what you want, you'll never perform at your Max Potential.

In this module, I'm going to teach you the 3 core beliefs that will instantly begin to change your perspective and your course of action.  This module is where your true transformation starts to happen.

MODULE 4: The MXP Matrix

How often have you had the intention and desire to improve your skills and craft and when the time comes to put in the work - fatigue, boredom and laziness take over?

Or how often do you see yourself wanting to perform like a champion but your preparation is mediocre?

The MXP Matrix that has helped me reach the highest levels of my sport, will help you identify why and where your energy is being spent.
By using the MXP Matrix that I'm going to teach you in this module, you'll be able to quickly see how to move more of your pegs on to the sides of the matrix that actually deliver the results and lifelong growth that will help you transform into the winner you want to be and the winner that is inside you, waiting to be released.

the max potential process Includes

 MODULE 1: Stop Getting In Your Own Way

 MODULE 2: Develop Your Winning Philosophy

 MODULE 3: Installing The 3 Core Beliefs

 MODULE 4: The MXP Matrix

 Bonus! Accompanying Workbook

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Are you a coach with a team of players? 
Are you a club or athletic director with a team of coaches? 
Are you a business owner or manager with a team of employees? 

So, here is my promise to you.  I developed the Max Potential Process to help you reach your Max Potential in sports, your endeavors and in your life.  I've put the best of what I have and all the hard learned lessons I can share with you in this program.

If you don't feel it's worth what you are investing today and you don't pull away at least one gold nugget out of the program that will help you transform your mindset to help you reach the next level, simply let me know within 30 days of your purchase and I'll gladly refund you every penny - no questions asked.  Now you can buy with confidence and know your investment in the Max Potential Process  is protected.
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